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Are you ready to step confidently into your calling?

You belong in The Winner's Circle if you..

Believe God has created you to Do Big Things on this earth and for His kingdom. 


Struggle to stand in your power even though you know you are gifted + capable.

Desire to be part of a community of ambitious women who encourage and support one another.

Are no longer satisfied with allowing fear + insecurity to keep you stuck.

Join the membership

and receive:

  • (1) Bible Study + Prayer Call

  • (1) Confidence Coaching Call

  • (1) Testimony Night + Bible Study

  • (1) Visions + Goals Work Session

  • Group chat access

  • Access to a discounted 1:1 Coaching Call

  • Priority access to WWW’s events and retreats


Stay tapped in with us!


Are you ready to take action on the Big Dreams God has given you?

Are you looking for a community that will love and support you without jealousy or shade?

Are you ready to let go of playing small and be who God called you to be?

Are you ready to make an impact and elevate your life as a woman of faith?

Here's what you'll gain when you join:

A community of sisters who will love on you and help you tangibly and noticably grow.

Clarity on the steps you need to take to effectively walk in your calling.

The confidence to be who God called you to be without comparing yourself and your journey to others.

Meet your Confidence Coach!


Ricci Briana Williams | CEO of Watching Women Win

Growing up I knew I was made to do big things, but I was convinced that until I lost weight... until I changed myself to be what the world told me I should be... I wouldn't be successful, boys wouldn't like me, and I could not have a good life.

Thankfully, at 18 years old I learned through watching plus-size youtubers that I was beautiful as I was. That I was allowed to love myself BEFORE I lost weight. And that was the beginning of my confidence journey.

Confidence is THE thing that allows us to be effective in our calling. To speak, dream, and execute with boldness and courage. When this is missing we miss out on the fullness of God's plan for us and the impact we've been created to make.

I love working with women to stand tall in who they were created to be, let go of what's been keeping them small, and step confidently into their calling!

"I would recommend any woman who needs a confidence boost to work with Ricci, she has an amazing way of making your ideas and POVs valid and heard. In my experience, she has seen me at 100 and 0 and she has never judged me but guides me to a good head space to move forward."

- Naomi

Now is your time to step confidently into your calling!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How soon will I gain access to the membership after signing up?

Answer: Immediately!

Question: What if I miss a training or a session?

Answer: You will have replay access to all sessions and trainings.

Question: What if I want to cancel my membership?

Answer: You are free to cancel your membership subscription at any time.

Question: How can I book the discounted Private Coaching Call?

Answer: You will receive a special link to book your discounted Private Coaching Call each month.

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