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Watching Women Win provides coaching solutions to women in business and ministry who are ready to step confidently into their calling. Discover which one of our coaching solutions below is the best fit for you!

Courage for Your Calling

Our group coaching program, Courage for your Calling, is for the woman who is positioned and ready to step confidently into what God has called her to do. It's for the woman who is tired of old fears and defeated mindsets holding her back. Through this program and in the company of a supportive community, you will cultivate Clarity, Confidence, and Courage, while implementing Spirit-led Strategy in your business or ministry.


The next group starts January 2024.

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1:1 Coaching

Whether you need the clarity, confidence and direction provided by a single Clarity Call, or a more consistent and focused coaching program for your business, 1:1 coaching is a fully individualized space designed to empower you to achieve your specific goals in business or ministry. 1:1 coaching is for the woman who is ready to put her full faith and confidence in the God who created her, and step confidently into what He has called her to do.

Brianna, NJ

"My session gave reassurance, guidance, peace and a most importantly gave me a friend in Christ. I felt like I was actually being heard and understood, with no judgment. Just speaking to Ricci allowing her to get to know me and my goals was such an amazing time, especially when she shared I had the clarity. Wow. Now it’s my time to start walking in it."

The Baby Boss

She knows in her heart that she’s here to Do Big Things, but she isn’t doing them yet. She isn’t fully pursuing the dreams God has given her either because of a lack of clarity, a lack of confidence, or both. She’s a dreamer. She has really good ideas but she doesn’t execute them.


She desires a fulfilling life and she wants to make an impact, but at times she feels stuck in her old habits, mindsets and cycles.


She spends most of her time scrolling on socials and hasn’t implemented a supportive self-care routine. She’s ready to change her life. But she needs an extra push to truly be ready to put in the effort to do it.


She is called. She is capable. She is worthy of her dreams.

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