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Empowering women in business and ministry to step confidently into their calling.


To provide coaching solutions and community spaces for every stage of the

Boss Woman's Journey.



For God. For self. For sister. For hater.


Enabling her to step into her power through affirmation, information, and all available resources. Aligning her with her purpose + calling. Granting responsibility and authority whenever possible within the organization.



Creating community and bridging connections.

Supporting and encouraging one another. Believing wholeheartedly in her goals, even through her moments of doubt.



Donating a consistent percentage of business income. Uplifting the community through our time and money. Trusting all our needs will be met.



Seeking it in others. Prioritizing aesthetics. Appreciating artistry. Never lacking visual quality.


Meet Ricci Briana Williams - founder and CEO of Watching Women Win.

Ricci graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2019 with an Interdisciplinary Bachelor's degree in Business & Psychology as well as a minor in Women's Studies. She later went on to receive her Life Coaching certification in April of 2021.

Ricci grew up a confident young girl. She knew she was a leader and believed she was capable of Doing Big Things with her life. But as she grew up she became less and less sure that who she was as she was would be enough.

In October 2022, Ricci was asked to speak to a group of high school girls about confidence, and when seeking God's guidance on the subject, He revealed to her that confidence is a free gift. It does not need to be created or earned because it's the result of our truest identities as daughters and sons of God.


Now she lives with an understanding that everything about her was created specifically and intentionally for what she's been called to do, and that this is also true for every other woman who's ever wondered if she was enough.

Through Watching Women Win, Ricci coaches women to step confidently into their calling, and establish clarity, systems and structure in their businesses, ministries and projects. 

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